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Have You Gone Sporting Mad?

People who have yet to spend a day out watching sport may be inclined to think that people like you are mad. Because to them, that is all you seem to talk about. Sport, sport, and nothing but sport. Stark raving mad. I am telling you. And what is more, many of you are actually playing the game. Never mind these unsporting folks for now. And good for you. Good for you that you are all still playing your sport.

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It is good because it turns out that playing sport is very good for your health; body, mind and soul. But of course, too much of a good thing could very well turn out to be a bad thing. But okay, you will not be overdoing it right now, now will you. And it has been a while now, has it not. That darn virus has kept many of you away from the diamonds, the courts, the woods, the mountains, and so on and so forth. So maybe now is also a good time to go shopping and stocking up.

If the shoe fits. Just make sure that it fits just right this time. Sporting Goods Store clerks should be making sure of that. That is their job after all. But could you expect sales clerks working out of stores like Beaver Sports to be sporting mad too? Because if that is going to be the case then it can only mean that they know a thing or two about sport. They have got all the good brands stocked up piles high. But if they like to play it fair and square then they are going to be doing this.

Not pushing stock. But making sure you get the right cut and that the size fits you perfectly.